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 Carinthia sits at the crossroads of Central Europe where Western and Slavic culture meet. For centuries it has played host to great Empires as they waxed and waned: The Romans came here first in great numbers 2000 years ago, then somewhat later the Ottoman Empire arrived on its way to Vienna and finally the Austro-Hungarian Empire stooped to conquer. Each has left its indelible mark in the shape of Celtic -Romano excavations, a rich endowment of medieval castles, picturesque ruins and hundreds of Baroque and Romanesque churches and cathedrals.

We can guide you to Roman sites and excavations, early medieval mountaintop churches, Romanesque cathedrals, ruins and mighty castles and are happy to provide information on things to do in the surrounding area including maps, directories of Gasthauses and all local sporting activities such as golfing, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, swimming and hiking.


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Gemeinde Magdalensberg
Römersiedlung am Magdalensberg
Burgen in Kärnten
Stadt St. Veit a. d. Glan
Stadt Klagenfurt

A beautiful shot of landscapes of Magdalensberg in Carinthia, Austria
CARINTHIA, AUSTRIA - 16 OCTOBER, 2019: aerial view of wellknown medieval castle Hochosterwitz on a hilltop
Beautiful Stone Chapel of Pasterzenhaus near Grossglockner Glacier in Austria.

Unsere Highlights

A beautiful shot of an agricultural field with the background of Hochosterwitz Castle in Carinthia
WORTHERSEE, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 08, 2018:  Great scenery from the boat to the shore line of the lake, beautiful buildings, mountains, forests, highways. Tourists who enjoy a variety of water recreation types.
Austria, Carinthia, Hohe Tauern, view from Baumbachspitze to Sonnblick



A 15 minute car ride or a one hour walk through our woods from the Schloss, brings you to the top of our mountain, the Magdalensberg, where you can visit the magical 12th century church and stop at the traditional gasthaus and indulge in the best Austrian gastronomy.


Gipfelhaus Magdalensberg

Kirche am Magdalensberg


A 15 minute car drive West will bring you to Maria Saal, one of Carinthia’s finest Romanesque cathedrals with its Roman carvings, Baroque altar, 12th century bells and organ.


Maria Saal

Kirche Maria Saal


Another short 20 minute drive will transport you to one of Austria’s greatest medieval castles: Hochosterwitz, a vast impregnable fortress, with 14 gates that towers over the plain and was the model for the Castle in Disney’s Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.

Burg Hochosterwitz