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Our Lake

Our lake, situated about 20 minutes walk or a short drive from the house, is an organic biotope with a lodge of beavers who have built their own dam across the stream. The lake contains trout, carp and sturgeon in abundance. Guests may enjoy the fishing from a rowing boat or the jetty. All the tackle is provided and the water bailiff can guide you through the intricacies of casting .At one end there is a picnic table carved from a single tree in a glade of oaks and alders. Trout can be grilled over the open fire barbecue.

We have a
rowing boat
five fishing rods
a fishing hut
a giant picnic table and
a barbeque for cooking

Schloßsee 06
Teich Picknick1

Games Room!

Relax and have fun in our game room designed for your leisure. Challenge friends to a game of billiards or enjoy a match on our soccer table. We also have a variety of board games for everyone to enjoy together.

Our game room is the perfect place to unwind, socialize, and create new memories. Whether you prefer friendly competition or just relaxing with loved ones, you’ll find plenty of options to entertain yourself.

Games room


Our equestrian center, just 15 km from Klagenfurt, is an integral part of the Ottmanach Estate and is located right next to Ottmanach Castle. Nestled in the pristine nature surrounding Mount Magdalensberg, our equestrian center provides recreational riders with an idyllic environment to pursue their passion.

Our facility includes spacious stables and expansive paddocks with old-growth trees, providing our horses ample space to frolic and graze. For summer, we have 7 large summer pastures available, while 3 special pastures are prepared for winter. A cozy, rustic tack room and a rider’s lounge invite you to linger, providing a meeting point for riders.

Recently, we’ve also started offering riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders, providing everyone the opportunity to learn to ride or improve their skills. Our experienced riding instructors are here to assist you, while our young guests are gently introduced to pony and horse handling through equestrian education.

You can trust that your horses are well taken care of with us. We handle feeding and turnout, allowing you to focus entirely on riding.

Visit our website for more information and contact us to arrange a visit to our charming equestrian center. We look forward to welcoming you and your horses!

The stables can be arrived in a a two-minutes walk from the apartments.

We can arrange for groups of five Guests to ride out in the surrounding mountains and country sides, under supervision we can also provide riding lessons in a ring.

Horses by barn

Schnaps cellar and distillery!

For centuries, schnaps has been distilled in Ottmanach using traditional methods. The first license for schnaps distillation was granted in 1780 by Empress Maria Theresa, and this historic license is still preserved by Gut Ottmanach to this day.

Our organic schnaps is made from pears and apples grown from the old varieties of Carinthian fruit trees. These trees are found around the organic estate of Gut Ottmanach as well as in the Schlosspark.

The schnaps we produce matures in our 600-year-old schnaps cellar and is bottled under the supervision of our experienced cellar master. The quality of our schnaps extends even to London, where it is appreciated and enjoyed.

Our offerings also include secret recipes for schnaps cocktails, born in a renowned London cocktail bar. We are happy to share these exclusive recipes with you free of charge.

We warmly invite you to visit our magnificent and unique schnaps cellar. In addition to the admirable schnaps cellar, you can also admire an original still over 100 years old. Furthermore, the cellar owner presents a fascinating collection of old glass bottles and antique glass demijohns.

Our schnaps cellar is also available for private celebrations or events, and schnaps and wine tastings can be arranged at any time. Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere!

We place great value on traditional harvesting practices and use only organically grown apples and pears for the production of our schnaps. These are carefully selected and sourced directly from Gut Ottmanach and the Schlosspark.

Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality schnaps and experience the history and traditions that make our schnaps cellar at Schloss Ottmanach truly special.

Our Schnaps is also  for sale, direct from the cellar

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Pool and Park!

During the summer, you have the opportunity to enjoy our pool and sunbathing lawn, which are available only during selected weeks. The pool is located at the end of the Schlosspark in a quiet area, offering you the perfect environment to relax in absolute peace and seclusion.

Situated in a magnificent park setting, you can soak up the sun, unwind, and recharge here. Our pool provides refreshing relaxation on warm summer days, inviting you to leave the everyday behind and indulge yourself.

For more information on pool availability and prices, we recommend checking our FAQ. There you will find all the relevant information to plan your stay at Schloss Ottmanach perfectly.

Enjoy an unforgettable time in our idyllic Schlosspark and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and tranquility of our surroundings. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Pool Pergola


As our esteemed guest, you have the opportunity to enjoy our private and well-maintained tennis court. Experience a game of tennis in a picturesque setting, right by Schloss Ottmanach.

Our tennis court offers you the perfect opportunity to improve your skills or simply have fun. The facility is carefully maintained to ensure optimal playing conditions.

Whether you’re an experienced tennis player or just starting out, our tennis court is open to you and invites you to engage in sporting activities. Take this opportunity to move, have fun, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

We look forward to welcoming you to the tennis court at Schloss Ottmanach and providing you with unforgettable moments of sport and joy!