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Pure pleasure! The southern nature blossoms early and the temperatures invite you to get active.

Fantastic walks along the wonderful lakes and on our mountains.
Cycling or simply relax in the sun – in the middle of the beautiful nature.

There is a shuttle service from the airports of Klagenfurt, Ljubljana or Graz. During your stay you can also use one of the cars from the Gut Ottmanach.

Riding: The nature on horseback experience! On Gut Ottmanach you can book the riding instructor alike.

The 400 year old Ottmanach Estate lies in idyllic unspoilt countryside at the foot of the Magdalensberg with stunning views over the Magdalensberg mountains bordering Slovenia and Italy, both only 45 minutes away by car. The Estate’s origins date back to the 12th Century when it was one of a handful of Royal estates owned by the Duke of Carinthia.

The working farm is fully organic, growing crops like maize, soyabeans and grain in rotation. All the water comes from natural springs on the Estate and all heating is provided by burning woodchips sourced from our own woods.
We also make our own schnaps from apples and pears in the orchards and age it in glass flagons in the cellars; the Ottmanach schnaps is sold in the UK.

The charming village of Ottmanach with its inn and Baroque church lies just behind the house.

From 600 m above sea level the views of the river Drau and the Karawanken mountains beyond are breathtaking.


An Estate full of history

The Estate’s origins date back to the 12th Century when it was one of a handful of Royal estates owned by the Duke of Carinthia. Our country is richly endowed with medieval castles, ruins, thousands of Baroque and Romanesque churches, Celtic-Roman excavations that are up to 2000 years old and more.

Sommer und Wintersport

The Dower House at Ottmanach is perfect for holidays at any time of year.


The winters can be very cold with high snowfall; so skiing, toboganning, and skating on the lakes all form a regular part of winter life.

The summers in these southern latitudes close to Italy are very hot – often 30 degrees centigrade. Carinthia is dotted with beautiful lakes ideal for swimming, sailing and waterskiing. The Estate even has one of its own – The Kuess lake, 300 yards long with its own hut, jetty, boat, fishing rods and 16 seater picnic table and BBQ.

By arrangement with the Estate it is also possible to play tennis or go Roedeer shooting or even play snooker.

There are 5 bicylcles for family expeditions.The woods behind the house stretch unbroken for hundreds of miles over mountains and valleys. Trekking and hiking is popular; the mountain tops always tempting with another beautiful church and unspoilt gasthaus.

300 yards from the Dower House are the livery riding stables owned and run by the Estate. From here, you can ride out into the woods or simply practise under instruction in the school.

Culturally, Carinthia has a truly wonderful array of early 13th century cathedrals, Middle Ages castles, enchanting ruins and Roman remains. As a meeting point between East and West this province bears grand witness to a fascinating 2000 year old history of Roman occupation, Turkish invasions and the grandeur of the Austrian Hungarian Empire.