Historic heritage encountered anywhere:



Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces, castles and ruins dot the landscape of Carinthia.

But the Celts and the Romans have left their mark. At Magdalensberg is one of the largest  Celtic - Roman excavations, an ancient Amphitheater is also nearby.

Carinthia has remained original. Here, each village nor his church and his guest house excellent food, preferably native   Products used.

  Carinthia - the land of the infinite possibilities:  a variety of interesting museums


Antiquities, historic cultural sites, a cruise on the river Drau or on one of our lakes, alpine roads, scenic roads, interesting colorful caves, mountains are attractive for walks ......... and much more!



A real treasure is our barn dating from the 10th century. With beautiful brick window. The facade conceals a niche the statue of St. Josef.




A stone plaque on Gut Ottmanach testified:

Titus Flavius wrote this monument.